About Chical Haystack

store 049In August of 1981, Nick and Daisy Lucero started a small business known as Chical Haystack in a brick building on the side of the major highway that runs through the Isleta Pueblo Indian reservation in Central New Mexico where they sold locally grown hay from their farm.   Within a few years the Lucero family ventured into the high demand of tobacco sales and gradually the business grew as they started carrying bagged feed. The demand for tack was growing so they progressively sold a limited selection of tack.  As the family business kept developing they ventured into the ever growing Western Wear trends.  Now they have one of the best selections of western fashion in the state due to the operations needs to expand in 2009. The store thrives on the available inventory of bagged feed, hay, and clothing available.

As the store grew so did the family and their involvement.  David, the oldest son of Nick and Daisy helps with all of the freight in the hay business and Anthony, the younger of the two has the general manager duties on the retail side of things.  The family’s future plans are to expand into other states with a large availability of horse quality alfalfa and grass hay.